Fort Funston Site Introduction

The Fellow Feathers Hang Gliding Club would like to help pilots fly at Fort Funston safely and successfully!

If you have never flown at Fort Funston and/or are a new H-3, you will need a site intro by an experienced senior pilot to fly here. Please contact any of the pilots on the following list to set up a date and time. Items covered will be:

  • Site regulations
  • Local FAA regulations
  • Site boundaries, launch & LZs
  • Weather, wind & rotors
  • Launch techniques
  • Soaring technique & etiquette
  • Landing altitudes, approaches & spots
  • And many other useful topics

Learn How to Hang Glide

While commercial instruction is not allowed at Fort Funston, there are a number or resources available to help new and experienced pilots fly here safely - read on to learn more!
The Fellow Feathers of Fort Funston Hang Gliding Club is not associated or affiliated with any of the following individuals or companies in the School Listings or the Bay Area Fledglings. Individuals in the listings are acting independently of the club. The following listings are not a recommendation or endorsement of their services. This listing includes Schools and Instructors that may not be Verified or Approved for instruction at Fellow Feathers sites at the time of reading. It also may be incomplete or out of date and is a short list just to get you started in knowing and researching the cast of players.

Bay Area Fledglings

San Francisco is home to the Bay Area Fledglings; a self-organized group of pilots dedicated to supporting new, intermediate, and experienced pilots achieve their flying goals throughout our lifelong journey of flight.
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Commercial instruction is not allowed at Fort Funston, but local instructors are available for lessons at other Bay Area sites!