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The Site Guide for Hang Gliding at Ft. Funston

Funston google maps


GGNRA Area of Use.

The Club Rules

Read the Club Rules: Club Rules

The Club Rules contain a lot of information on how and where to fly Funston. The rules are good to know for the safety and enjoyment of pilots and park visitors as well.

Helmet Sticker

A helmet sticker is required to fly at Ft Funston

The best place to get a sticker is here:


If there's a kink in the middle, it's marginal. If it's pointing back at the clubhouse, it's pretty much straight in and soarable.


If it's strong and straight in there will be a little down 20' or so back from the cliff edge when you're carrying your glider out. Use wire help if you need it. Keep a tight hang strap when launching.

If it's light be sure and check the tides to see how much beach there is for landing.

Non-pilots are not allowed in the take off area while launching. Ask them to move behind the cones until you have done your take off.


Check the wind sock and the streamers in the LZ. Have plenty of speed for the critical turn. The critical turn is done down wind and close to the ground so have lots of air speed for control. Plan your landing well clear of pedestrians. The rule is a 25' clearance from people.

Winds West North West to North West

The LZ will be in the bush rotor. Watch the streamers in the take off and landing areas.

Soaring Ridge Rules

Pass to the right.

Clear your turns.

Keep track of where other pilots are.


New H3 pilots will need a Westlake introduction before flying there.


Altitude limitations for Westlake.