Mentors at Fort Funston

The Fellow Feathers Hang Gliding Club would like to help new pilots learn to fly Fort Funston safely and successfully!

If you have never flown at Fort Funston and/or are a new H-3, you will need a site intro by an experienced senior pilot to fly there. Please contact any of the pilots on the following list to set up a date and time. Items covered by the mentor will be:

  1. Site regulations, including the 25' rule.
  2. Local FAA regulations.
  3. Site boundaries, launches and landing areas.
  4. Weather, wind and rotors.
  5. Launch techniques suited to the glider you fly.
  6. Soaring technique and etiquette.
  7. Landing altitudes, approaches and spots.
  8. Funston Sticker.
  9. And many other useful topics.

Mentor Name Phone Email
Urs Kellenberger 650-888-1795  
Dave Kiesling 510-754-6842  
Steve Rodrigues 415-830-2606  
Chris Valley 650-773-6469  
Brian Foster 650-575-5346  
Joey Villaflor 415-734-1096  
Mark Lilledahl 408-315-6078  
Tim West 650-303-9409  
John Simpson 650-451-2549  
Wayne Michelsen 650-207-7766  
John Taylor 408-896-1792  
Rob Johnson 831-295-3072