Training Bowl Rules:

Before training at the Fort Funston Bowl, please contact the Training Bowl Director (see Club Officers page)

  1. Boundary: The Funston Training Bowl is the area directly west of the Olympic club golf course extending west to the Pacific Ocean. The northern boundary is the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) Olympic golf course property line, and the south border is 100 yards south of the walk up area.
  2. Site Management: The Fort Funston Training bowl is Olympic Golf Course property managed by the GGNRA. The Fellow Feathers Hang Gliding club has authority over flying activities. The Fort Funston Training Bowl Director manages and promotes this area for the flying community. Paraglider training is not allowed at this time.
  3. No (for profit) commercial training and instruction is currently allowed.
  4. Access to training area: The sand trail immediately south of launch leads to the beach. From there walk south to the landing zone and the walk up area.
  5. Revocation: The training director can revoke instructors or students from using the training area with cause.
  6. Other: Be respectful of other park visitors, make sure the beach is there and it's clear before planning to land on it. Pick up your trash. Don't launch if horses or people are in the landing area.

Training protocol:

Caution: Erosion, lack of useable beaches, and high L/D gliders can sometimes make flying here challenging and dangerous. Remember that a straight glide to the west is not advisable. Always remember to turn before reaching the water line!