Wills Wing Sport 2 135 – Excellent Condition - 3500 OBO

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Wills Wing Sport 2 135 – Excellent Condition - 3500 OBO

Postby flysafe » Sat Oct 19, 2019 8:29 pm

I have a Wills Wing Sport 2 135 in Excellent Condition for sale. It comes with the set of Wills Wing stream lined wheels and also the batton chart. It has between 35 to 40 hours on it. I had two flights that were each 6 hours on this. One 6 hr flight at Dunlap, CA and the other 6 hour flight at Fort Funston, Daly City.

I cared for it very well and I have always stored it in my living room on the floor by the wall. I bought this new in 2012, just after getting my H4, used it occasionally, but due to work and other personal constraints had stopped flying soon. I haven’t flown in years and it has been stored inside my home since, but now I have to sell it because I am moving and have no place for it.

Please see pic on --
https://www.hanggliding.org/advert/will ... condition/
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