Moyes Litesport 4: $2900 OBO

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Moyes Litesport 4: $2900 OBO

Postby Richard » Wed May 30, 2018 8:14 am

This is a great glider for someone looking to upgrade form a Sport 2. It is comparable to a U2, and is often considered to be slightly more advanced than a U2. I'm selling this because I've replaced it with a topless glider!

Here are some key points:
  • Build date is 9-7-2004
  • hook in weight: 150-240 (optimal pilot weight 165)
  • all Dacron sail w/Mylar leading edge.
  • includes wheels and an extra downtube
  • includes batten charts and user manual
  • includes a couple extra flip tips
  • I spent a lot of time tuning it, and now it flies great!
  • I remade several batten labels and adjusted several battens to get the tension right
  • unknown total hours, but I've put 50 hours on it
  • I've never crashed with it, landed hard or had the nose hit the ground!
  • New sidewires in June 2016. They have less than 7 hours on them right now.
  • From the previous owner: "It had a couple of worn places in the sail (at the places where you fold it before bagging). I had those repaired - and also fortified (because it is a design issue in my view)."


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