Colorado Fly Week 2012 - Villa Grove Colorado

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Colorado Fly Week 2012 - Villa Grove Colorado

Postby mountainflyercomp » Sat May 12, 2012 8:18 pm

Villa Grove, CO - Colorado Fly Week 2012 introduces the Rocky Mountain Airman's Rendezvous & The Mountain Flyer Championships

* June 30 - July 8, 2012 *

Make this a part of your summer western circuit. Compete for killer trophies and/or enjoy casual flying fun with big air or heavenly glass-offs, all along the 100+ mile long Sangre de Cristo mountain range boasting nine fourteeners and easy retrieves. Make your way back to the main LZ for cold beer, live music, food vendors, stage shows and banquet night with burlesque show on Saturday night (7/7). The Salida Circus will entertain the kiddos on Saturday, providing face painting, short shows, games and more. So pack up the whole family - plenty to do for everyone!

We know you can fly in the flatties, so come see if you can fly out and back, challenging small courses and a reason to make it home. You won't lose your girl you'll just lose your turn. No other meet will have more beautiful women serving drinks, selling tees, caps and more. This is a fundraiser to save our road to launch, so come sky out and support our cause!

You will not want to miss this event!

Pre-registration is now open! benefits of taking advantage of this early-bird offer are....
* pay less now than at the door ($75 vs 90)
* it greatly helps us with the up-front costs we have involved in booking bands, food vendors, get t-shirts made up, etc.
* you don't have to bring as much cash with you to the event
* all the cool kids are doing it

So what are you waiting for?!?!! here is the link...

Because our event is a fundraiser to preserve our road to launch, and the cost to run such an event is high, we are now accepting donations to the Hayden Pass Hang Gliding Club - the primary sponsor for our event. making a donation early allows us to pay for a mound of up-front costs we have ahead of us... bands, food vendors, tshirts, etc. if you guys want to engage in a little one-upsmanship amongst yourselves, we certainly won't complain. for each donation made we will post your name in big shiny letters right here for all to see. we know times are tough and the economy stinks, but any little bit helps. thanks for your consideration here's the link to paypal...

For more information about the competition, contact Fred Kaemerer - or 720-295-7678
For more information about the location and the site itself, contact Larry Smith, 970.209.5212
For more information about the area, places to stay, things to do, pre-registration info & donations, and to volunteer to help with the event, contact Tiffany Smith (that's me),

Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, facebook/ColoradoFlyWeek2012

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