Meeting Minutes October 13, 2009

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Meeting Minutes October 13, 2009

Postby tom white » Fri Oct 16, 2009 8:04 am

Fellow Feathers board meeting October 13, 2009

Attending: Steve Rodrigues, Charlie Nelson, Daniel Mryzrki, Tom Jensen, Tom White, Walter Whiteside. Tom White reporting.

GGNRA has granted a 5 year use permit, which is now in hand.

Annual fees have been waived in favor of Fellow Feathers using equivalent funds for site improvements / upgrades / maintenance.

Annual BBQ and Air Races are now included in the permit.

F.F. will now be required to obtain insurance for the clubhouse. The best price found so far is +,- $750/ year. F.F. will also be responsible for bldng maintenance including roof.

Rent for clubhouse will be required, at $2.47/sq ft. This will be phased in starting 1st year ¼, second ½, third ¾, fourth full amount.

Motion was presented to raise membership dues for voting members to $65/ year, non voting members $64.99 - $5. Motion was seconded, all present voted in favor, opposed none. Motion passed.

Motion was presented to reimburse non profit incorporation attorney fees of $1981- which were paid by Steve was presented, seconded, five voted in favor, opposed none, one abstention, motion passed.

New stickers were ordered for two years at half the cost of old ones.

There will be a new GGNRA waiver forms next year.
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