Minutes 5/11/04

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 5/11/04

Postby Daniel Pifko » Fri May 14, 2004 1:04 pm

Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes
May 11, 2004
8:30 pm

Attending: Henry, Brent, Ted, Attila, Daniel


Starting Balance: $3024.19
Deposits: $197
Expenses: $82.71
Final: $3138.48


Bank Account Signature Transfer (Attila)
• Attila has spoken with the bank manager at our Citibank branch. We can get the new board’s signatures on the account if we write a suitable letter, submit our bylaws indicating a regular change of management, and provide samples of each board member’s signature. Attila will write the letter and circulate to the board.
• Converting to a non-profit will cost >$400 in registration fees alone. Too expensive for the fees we’d save.

Vic Mendez
• Apparently Vic is feeling better and says he needs a new glider right away

More Glider Storage in the Clubhouse (Attila/Henry/Jeff)
• We want to increase the number of storage spaces in the clubhouse by installing PVC tubes in the first aisle
• Jeff Kember has been unable to locate tubes yet. There may be some at E-Wing in San Leandro or Mission Irrigation Supply on Mission Blvd in Fremont (510-796-7473). Henry will call for prices and availability for 10, 20, or 30 tubes.
• We batted around several design ideas, including:
o Whether to stack the tubes with supporting 2x4’s or “honeycomb” them
o Starting with a few tubes and adding more over time, to reduce up-front cost
o Cutting the tubes shorter than 20’ to reduce cost, while still keeping them long enough to provide enough support
• We need to put together a design and pricing proposal and post it on the bulletin board and web site for comment. Attila P, Henry B, and Jeff K to do this, with assistance from others in the club. Attila is going to measure the first row to kick this off.
• We could buy the tubes en masse or one at a time from individuals who no longer need theirs. If Denise Lindquist is still selling hers for a good price we should buy it.

Web site and online stuff (Daniel)
• The new site is now online and mostly done (www.flyfunston.org ). A few more tweaks and we’ll connect to it from the webcam site.
o The webcam will stay where it is – flyfunston.org is more for Fellow Feathers information, site info, and so forth.
o There’s a self-serve section for classified ads
o The discussion board should provide a good place to talk about issues between meetings
o The Mentors Page should make it easier for newer and visiting pilots to get out at Funston and have an ongoing source of knowledge (Urs)
o There will be a section showing landing approaches and takeoffs in different wind conditions

• Online sticker renewals
o The idea here is to allow pilots to renew their stickers and donate online every year. We’d send out reminders by email.
o We’d like to ask GGNRA to follow in the steps of Mission Ridge and accept the USHGA waiver instead of the Funston waiver. Since H3+ and current USHGA membership is a requirement to fly Funston, every pilot would already be covered.
o We are coordinating with WOR since they have already done this at Mission and are working on the same with Ed Levin
o We need to design the web site to make it easy for people to donate. There’s a concern that people won’t donate as much or at all if they renew online. We can take donations by Paypal or credit card for a few percent

Launch and Landing Training Video
• Jeff K. has volunteered to help edit this video
• Henry and Jeff were out videotaping the LZ and flags in a NW day.
• Jeff and a friend are going to be animating part of this. Approaches?
• We need video from people, including notes about the wind direction and speed

Other Clubhouse
• Henry is going to make up new tags with McMaster by May 18
• We are building a glider heaven to store impounded gliders. (Henry and others)
• Plan on June 15 for the club to impound unclaimed gliders. (Kimo)
• Is it possible to get the list of people with stored gliders and their renewal status on the web site? It’d make it easier for people to update the club when they move, and may make it easier for them to pay (to be in FF). (Daniel)

Drainage (Henry)
• Henry wants to put this project on the backburner for now


Wood Chips (Brent)
• We have a formal request in with the rangers for 25-30 trucks worth of chips
• Better chance of getting them after a storm, from windfalls

Roof (Henry/Ted)
• We got the roof done about 5 years ago. Was it all redone, or just part of it? Should address this during the dry season.

Nesting Birds
• Reminder: there is now no flying north of the north gap until August 15. Daniel will post a sign on the board and on the web site.
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