Minutes 1/04

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 1/04

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Minutes of Fellow Feathers Meeeting 1/13/04

Meeting opened at 6:30 PM by Henry

Treasurers report given by Attilla

Old Business -
In the absence of last months minutes, Henry leads discusion.

Drainage issue- The rangers have been notified and they said it is in our court. Discusion of options- Larry's ditch found best. Kimo proposes foliage be planted below the launch to stablize the area. Kimo voluteeres to talk to rangers.

Lock box- Henry suggests stainless steel for $400. Kimo suggests plastic as possibly more durable an far cheaper at $59 or $159. Motion to buy plastic by Urs. Motion approved. Henry volunteers, limit $300 and return if rejected.

Henry brings up expenses.

Daniel discusses stickers and supplies. Motion is made to pay back Daniel $51.18 total. Motion approved.

Parachute clinic- Discussion about getting the word out and logistics.

Officers discuss web site. Daniel donates time and money he has spent and discusses web cam link and news.

There is discussion about buying parachutes. There is a motion to leave open 5 free opening in parachute clinic, 1 opening for Jonas who arranged use of High School location for clinic and 1 for Daniel and 3 left open for pilots deemed in need. Voted in.

New business_
Raffy brings up Westlake Rules. Introduces new form requiring signatures. He discusses difficulties in enforcing sponsorship. Form will be added to sticker packs.

Urs proposes mentoring system on website for new pilots. Discussion about online site introduction, site primer, and help for Daniel setting it up. Discuss promoting hang gliding nationally.

Motion to pay Rick Cavella $100 for web cam. Approved.

Question about stickers for non pilots when issueing waivers. Everything is found to be Larry's fault. Suggestion to write NP on sticker rather than cut in half which destroys the sentimmental value . Voted and approved.

Henry discusses the history of numerous complaints and incidents involving Fred and RC flying at Funston. Henry takes a poll and there is general agreement. Criss is appointed to apply pressure with a wait and see attitude.

Meeting is adjorned.

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