Minutes 12/13/05

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 12/13/05

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Fellow Feathers Club Meeting
December 13, 2005


Treas. Report
Old Business
New Business
- Elections
- Tandems

Daniel Pifko
Steve Rodrigues
Attila Plasch
Tom White
Larry Carpenter
Chris Valley
Brian Foster
Raphael Lavin
Bob O’Neill
Brent Thompson
Gordon Pollock
Eric Mies
Urs Kellenberger
Urs Kellenberger (the younger)
Renee Steele (added later)

Rudy Evenson (GGNRA Ranger)

Treasurer’s Report
• $450 in expenses – ushga; summit;
• $3420 in pot at the end
• Attila to provide year-end summary next month

Old Business:
• Litesport
o Ken Brown Litesport in 101/102
o Sold glider to Mark Wadsworth in July of 1999. – Terry Wadsworth had a sticker last year. Chris to contact him.

• Bay Area Summit report
o Lisa Tate was there
o Will be on a Saturday night in October next year to accompany the USHGA BOD meeting. Location TBD

• Stickers
o We have the stickers for 2006 and 2007
o We distributed several stickers to individuals and distributors
o Steve is taking over the stickers for the year
o Please return waivers, cash and unused stickers from 2005 to Daniel or Steve

• Clubhouse
o 55-60 of the 84 sent out have been returned
o The usual troubles getting them back
o Donation of pitchforks and shovels
o Going to get a couple more lockers
o Giving it for the team: Larry! Giving up his spot and taking one of Robin’s
o Jonas is in danger of being put in purgatory ‘cuz he isn’t going to fly soon
o Put the glider auction topic on the agenda for next month

• Webcam status
o Get it up and running
o Put the new webcam topic on the agenda for next month

New Business:
• Elections
o Candidates were nominated, and seconded, for upcoming election for 2006 officers, as follows:

President – Daniel Pifko.
Vice President – Steve Rodrigues
Secretary – Brian Foster
Treasurer – Attila Plasch
Clubhouse Mgr – Chris Valley
Westlake Director – Raphael Lavin
Safety Director – Tom White
o Appointments:
 Funston Training Bowl Director: Henry Bittner
 Funston Tandem Director: Steve Rodrigues
o Voted and passed

• Tandem Proposal
o One modification: the Funston Tandem Director must meet all the qualifications to be a Funston Tandem Instructor.
o (dp: I realized afterwards that we’ve made several changes to the Rules, so I’d like to get the final version passed at the next meeting)
o Rudy Evenson, the GGNRA Head of Special Permits, came by to ask us several questions, including:
 Which of the people in the room are qualified to take people tandem? (Gordon Pollock, Eric Mies, Steve Rodrigues)
 Which pilots plan to get their Tandem Instructor rating? (Urs Kellenberger, Tom White)
 Rudy asked to review the safety plans and was satisfied that we are being conscientious and safe
 Who takes people up commercially, and what are their plans for Funston?
• Though there were a few people in the room who have taken people up commercially, Funston will be strictly non-commercial. Even the solo pilots, who are willing to allow tandems to expose more non-pilots to flying, don’t want commercial activity as it will interfere with their individual flying.
• There is no way for us to monitor the non-monetary payments to pilots who take up their (potential) girlfriends
 Eric, Gordon and Steve all offered to take Rudy up for a tandem flight
 Gordon and Eric mentioned having taken up disabled people. Rudy would like to investigate this further, as the GGNRA is making accessibility a priority for 2006
o After the whole discussion, Rudy said he was satisfied with the answers and will recommend to the Superintendent that tandems be allowed. He will write the changes into the Use Permit for 2006.
o He would prefer that we get the Use Permit documentation into him ASAP since this is the low season for permit applications. Daniel to check into getting the insurance earlier this year.
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