Minutes 11/10/05

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 11/10/05

Postby Daniel Pifko » Sun Dec 04, 2005 10:35 pm

Minutes of Fellow Feathers Board Meeting of November 10, 2005

Persons attending were Steve Rodrigues, Attilla Plasch, Chris Valley, Gordon Pollock, Chuck Kranz, Urs Kellenberger, Raphael Lavin, Tom White, Jonas Barbour.

Noted: Possibly Ken Brown’s Litesport sitting in space # 101/ 102. Someone should contact him and see if it is his.

Candidates were nominated, and seconded, for upcoming election for 2006 officers, as follows:

President – Daniel Pifko.
Vice President – Steve Rodrigues
Secretary – Brian Foster
Treasurer – Attilla Plasch
Clubhouse Mgr – Chris Valley
Westlake Director – Raphael Lavin
Safety Director – Tom White

Submitted for vote was a formal Clubhouse dues / abandoned glider auction policy. All present voted in favor. Policy adopted.

Noted: Paul Sussman owns no gliders currently on the purgatory rack.

Pilot Summit Meeting was discussed, it was decided that Fellow Feathers will hold its December meeting at the usual place / time.

Urs Kellenberger reported on the USHGA Board of Directors meeting which he attended in Colorado. Among items which were resolved:

Strategic planning to grow the USHGA.

Lisa Tate elected new president.

Powered harness policy to go to re – vote.

The association name conundrum.

There was no left over pizza, but plenty of un-consumed 2 buck Chuck

-- Tom White
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