Minutes 10/17/05

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 10/17/05

Postby Daniel Pifko » Mon Oct 31, 2005 5:21 pm

Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes
October 17, 2005


Steve Rodrigues
Tom White
Jonas Barbour
Chris Valley
Urs Kellenberger
Daniel Pifko

Treasurer’s Report:
None (absent)


• This meeting was postponed by 1 week due to conflicting schedules of most of the board. Notice was posted on the door, the sign in the setup area, and in the discussion area of flyfunston.org.

• Web cam
o Current web cams (ropes cam and stables cam) are acting better and have been put on remote power switches for easier rebooting
o What are we looking for in new camera systems?
 Live video?
 Movable angle?
 More reliable?
 Outdoors?
 What about moving the Ropes cam to the clubhouse?
 Build a duck blind for the web cam
 Who has the key to the AQM cupboard?
 Ask the AQM if we can get the data from their wind meter
 Rank:
• Reliability
• Real representation of what’s going on here
• Frequency? More pictures – frequency and history
• Clarity
• Angle on the sock/lz/cliff
 Response: reliability, better view, higher frequency were highest. Live video was lowest.
o Activity: investigate moving the Ropes cam to the clubhouse to increase access for rebooting and to give a better view. We may also be able to get a data feed into this computer from the AQM wind meter. The FF Litek windtalker doesn’t put out data in anything approaching a modern format.

• Daniel to push on the tandem thing

• Chris Valley agreed to take over the clubhouse position until the end of the year, at which point he volunteered to run for the position.

• Clubhouse Rules
o New wording agreed upon to push people into paying up and to only store gliders they use at Funston. The proposal will be sent to the membership with the key applications for 2006. It will be voted on at the November meeting.
o Motion by Daniel to accept the proposal wording as made by Steve and at this meeting, 2nd by Steve R. Approved.

• Bay Area Pilot Summit
o See http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FlightPla ... Summit.pdf
o Asking for $150 donation
o Moved, 2nd, approved
o We should have the stickers ready by then

• Urs going to the USHGA meeting in Rochester, NY
o Requested $250 help. Motion to grant. 2nd by Tom. Approved.
o While the club doesn’t officially have a position, a few individuals asked Urs to stop any kind of Power within USHGA

• Daniel asked Mark Lauer to order stickers
o Check again to see Mark’s progress

• Someone moved the cones back 30 feet without asking anyone. The people who are moving the cones should check with the club so that we maintain good relations with the GGNRA.

• Steve says, “It’s nothing, honey, go back to sleep”

• Someone’s radio was stolen out of his bag at the picnic table. This is despicable.
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