Minutes 9/13/05

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 9/13/05

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Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes
Sept 13, 2005

Tom White
Daniel Pifko
Steve R.

Treasurer’s Report

• Attila not present

Old Business

South launch
• Daniel called the guy
• Truck guy got stuck on launch
• We got 8 or 9 loads at least

• Need more contact glue: authorized Larry; moved and approved
o We have the glue, but it’s been too flyable to get things done
• We have more people on the waiting list. 5 people.
• We’d like to put a host bib on the fountain by the setup area to wash our gliders in the setup area. Larry to look into it. We laid the water pipe to get out there about 15 years ago. Motion to approve $40 in parts for putting in a hose bib. Urs seconded. Unanimously approved.
o Larry needs to find the key to turn the main flow off. Has a 1” square top. We are looking for someone with access to a key. Rather not have to make one. Maybe buy one?
• Who hasn’t paid?
o xxxx xxxxx (pilot y)
o When do people get moved? These people should be moved into purgatory.
o Someone has to talk to Paul Sussman about any gliders he has left behind
o What is the purgatory policy?
 If you haven’t paid for your glider in X months it goes into Purgatory
 If your glider has been in purgatory for 1 year it gets dumped
 How do we handle notices?
 Tom to come up with wording for the policy and bring to next meeting for ratification.
 Post something on the discussion board
 Start putting together the paperwork for clubhouse for next year, starting today.
 Jonas to print up envelopes
o Tom to continue improving the padding on the racks
 Start work as the summer flying season ends.

Stickers for next year
• Mark Lauer to do the stickers. Daniel has contacted them.

Out of town trips:
• Slide – Daniel saw Tahoe for the first time
• Indian Valley was good Labor Day Weekend. Wayne went 67 miles.
• Steve went 130+ miles from Slide
• Slide trip on Sept 24th; Owens this weekend.
• Steve flew King Mountain. Flew Cowboy Up in Wyoming. Flew the Tetons dangling from the secondary hang strap.

Signs for the LZ
• Steve still working on the signs

• Tom’s report permanently deferred. Let’s get reports on new accidents.

• We need to bring cups to the next meetin

• Funston Air Races? Once a year?
o Looking for a volunteer


• Cleanup $40 from Daniel

• Towing season is coming up:
o Need more people to scooter tow
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