Minutes 8/9/05

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 8/9/05

Postby Daniel Pifko » Wed Aug 10, 2005 12:27 pm

Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes
August 9, 2005

Tom White
Daniel Pifko

Treasurer’s Report

• Expenses: pizza, site insurance, bank, cleanup - $650
• Opening: $4,226 close $3,610

Old Business

South launch
• We continue to build up the south launch
• Still need loads of loads – like 40
• We’d like to make the launch higher

• Only 4 gliders left from last year with dues not paid. We haven’t moved these up yet.
• Need more contact glue: authorized Larry; moved and approved
• What’s the status of the waiting list? 5 people on the waiting list. Mike Buchanan is number 5 on the list.
• We’d like to put a host bib on the fountain by the setup area to wash our gliders in the setup area. Larry to look into it. We laid the water pipe to get out there about 15 years ago. Motion to approve $40 in parts for putting in a hose bib. Urs seconded. Unanimously approved.
• What’s up with Mark Grubbs? He hasn’t been leaving a glider in his new spot in the clubhouse.
• Jonas will be passing the clubhouse responsibility to Tom as of the next meeting. He’s going to be married Labor Day weekend.

Acccident Reports:
• Tom to write the safety report on the Utah guy. Daniel to post. Still TBD.

Stickers for next year
• coordinate colors with Mt. Tam
• Daniel: ask Mark Lauer to print the stickers for the next 2 years
• Urs to look into better pricing and maybe a different design

Out of town trips:
• Chief blew a launch at Yosemite, breaking a wrist. He's okay otherwise.
• WOR fly-in at Slide and McLellan this weekend
• Fly the Ruby Mountains in August in 2 weeks. Check out FlightPlans

Food and drink:
• need pop for next meeting


Daylight Savings Time
• extended in 2007!!! Yee haw

Events at Funston:

• Funston Air Races? Once a year?
o Looking for a volunteer
o Launch to landing time, turnaround point, distance from spot
o When are we going to do this
o Who would organize it?
o Different classes
o Raffy wants topless cheerleaders
• Attila votes for one event a month
o Regular performance

• BBQ –
o September?

• Urs
o Pre-vote is going on right now
o Vote online

Parachute clinic for next year
• Should we do a parachute clinic next year? I’d like to. February 2006
o Paid repackers would make the process go faster
o Need to find a different site since Jonas won’t be around
• We may not be able to get as many people out for this as last time since it’s relatively soon afterwards. Perhaps we could do one day only and make the other day available to other groups in the Bay Area.
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