Minutes 7/12/05

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 7/12/05

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Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes
July 12, 2005

Tom White
Steve R
Daniel Pifko
Mike Buchanan
…a few others dribbled in and out…

Treasurer’s Report
A little north of $4k

Old Business

South launch
• We continue to build up the south launch
• Kelly’s log is gone. Less rotor.

Warning Flyer
• Steve working on it

• Paul’s Ravens moved to purgatory
• Only 4 gliders left from last year with dues not paid. We haven’t moved these up yet.
• Mike Buchanan here. Wants a spot in the clubhouse.

New Business

• Steve: last Saturday was just awesome. Sunset was gorgeous.

Acccident Reports:
• We should get more formal on these starting now. These should be sent to GGNRA, USHGA, and posted to our web site for institutional landing.
• Maybe make the report anonymous. That would remove the embarrassments and still keep the learning going.
• One of the Utah pilots came down in a shear and totaled the glider. Bad whack in a shear condition.
• Cody the Utah pilot. Bruce, maybe?
• Should we ask for accident reports on the bulletin board?
• We need to define what is considered an accident. Use the red dot system, e.g.
- Nuno almost launching with a broken wingtip
- Steve almost launched with a wingtip low, nearly beaking in
• Tom to write the safety report on the Utah guy. Daniel to post.

• $150 for the webcam
• Moved and approved.

Stickers for next year
• coordinate colors with Mt. Tam
• Daniel: ask Mark Lauer to print the stickers for the next 2 years
• Daniel: ask Urs

Out of town trips:
• Some people are flying Yosemite this weekend
• St. John fly-in is July 23/24th
• Fly the Ruby Mountains in August

• More, cheaper pizzas with smaller slices

Daniel to call for more chips:
• We need 40 trucks of chips
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