Minutes 5/10/05

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

Minutes 5/10/05

Postby Daniel Pifko » Sun Jun 05, 2005 3:19 pm

Fellow Feathers Meeting Agenda
May 10, 2005


Treasurer’s Report

$1275 deposited
$79.95 expenses

About $5100 balance

Old Items:

• Clubhouse
o Keys mailed a week ago. Lock on door changed. Changed the whole lock, not just rekeyed.
o The lock doesn’t stick
o Jonas tried all 100 keys himself
o 7 people from the clubhouse haven’t paid 2005 dues
o Jonas is out of the picture at the beginning of September due to honeymoon. We need to plan for the transition.
o We need to identify and label all of the gliders in purgatory before we forget which one is which.
o Could we put together a stock of gliders for visiting pilots? Other places do this. Would our waiver take care of this? Could we put an addendum on the glider? We could sell a glider to a pilot for a minor amount and buy it back afterwards. Would the club need to maintain the gliders? Fix them after they’re whacked. They could make a donation to the clubhouse so they can fly. This idea is tabled for now.
o Expense: $196.46

• No Parking signs
o Steve did the white lines. They are working. People are parking in the spots.
o Daniel spoke to the rangers so that nobody will get tickets.

• Wood chips
o We got a couple of loads and have distributed
o We need more. More trucks worth.

New Items:

• Suspensions
o Eric Brainard and Ward Carter
o Diev Hart
o Perhaps next year we should remind people that everyone is responsible for keeping the site open.

• Waivers for non-pilots
o Do we have a liability because RC pilots have signed waivers and are out on launch?

• Camera and computers
o Rick fixed it
o We have a new computer as backup

• Urs payment
o approved
• Daniel: receipt for photocopying
• Steve: receipt for shovels and pitchforks
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