October 2003 Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

October 2003 Minutes

Postby Daniel Pifko » Tue Jan 13, 2004 5:31 pm

OCT. 2003 Funston Minutes

Tres. report...$4,477.27


(1)club needs new updates on Restricted Area north of the launch(Bank Swallow);update
then needs to be posted on bulletin board
(2)drainage of set up area....Steve R. presented a rough draft of problems and solution
of drainage in set up area....club voted to present it to the Park
(3)lock box....club voted $250 to purchase a plastic box with additional equipement...Henry
B. will pick it up


(1)wind socks have been ordered...$100
(2)Kimo has issued "deadwood" gliders a last notice
(3)nominations for 2004 club officers will be held next meeting(november);nominations will
also be accepted the day of the election(december). Notice of nominations will be posted
both on the website and on the door of the club house one month prior to the nominations.
(4)Funston waiver will be rewritten/questions will be asked of all new pilots after they
have read and signed waiver/ illustrations will be reworked and added/ Henry B. and Liefer T.
will be in charge of process
(5)option for all club members to have their email addresses posted on the club's website
(6)a cell phone contact for the site will be posted both on the website and bullentin board
(7)november meeting will be held at Funston at 6:30pm
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