February 2nd 2017 Fellow Feather’s Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

February 2nd 2017 Fellow Feather’s Meeting Minutes

Postby crvalley » Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:33 pm

February 2nd 2017 Fellow Feather’s Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Rob Johnson, Lisa Lesser, Chris Valley, Joey Villaflor, Wayne Michelsen, John Simpson, Steve Rodriques, Mark Lilledahl, Armand, George Artz, Dan Freeman, Pedro Enrique

Guests / New Members: Dan Freeman

Great Flights: Some good flights over the last couple weeks.

Be safe - stick to your routine prior to launching and respect the surf. Tight hang-strap, too, by the way.

President’s Report (Joey Villaflor): Joey is teaming up with Yosh for an Amazon TV channel. T-shirts have been designed and will be presented at the next meeting.

Vice President’s Report (Wayne Michelsen): $400 donation by a pilot. FAA is redefining air space in the Funston vicinity. Pilots are providing input with the FAA and plan to attend upcoming outreach meetings.

Secretary’s Report (Chris Valley): January meeting minutes posted.

Treasurer’s Report (Lisa Lesser): Submitted club chapter renewal with USHPA.

Clubhouse Officer’s Report (Rob Johnson): Processed all clubhouse applications. As of March 1st, if clubhouse members have not paid, then gliders will be placed in purgatory. Purchased key cutting machine and will cut our own keys for the next 8 years in an effort to save the club some money. Groomed launch - looks great!

Safety Officer’s Report (John Simpson): John and Mitch are working on a H3 sticker or equivalent safety program to enhance safety of new pilots flying the Fort. Educational videos are being considered and increasing the number of mentor contacts.

Tech Officer’s Report (Chuck Kranz): Not present.

Administrator Reports:

~ Tandem (Urs Kellenberger): Not present.
~ Training Bowl (Mark Lilledahl): Motioned to purchase two shovels. 2nd by CRV. Those in attendance agreed to purchase two new shovels to pick up after others that don’t pick up.

GGNRA Liaison Report (Steve Rodrigues): Use permit has been approved for another year.

Old Business: Mentor list needs to be updated still.

New Business: Dan suggested an online process to automate our renewal / sticker issuance process.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.
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