October 5th 2016 Fellow Feather’s Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

October 5th 2016 Fellow Feather’s Meeting Minutes

Postby crvalley » Wed Oct 05, 2016 9:49 pm

October 5th 2016 Fellow Feather’s Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Chris Valley, John Simpson, Steve Rodriques, Mitch Shipley, Rob Johnson, Dave Egli, Urs Kellenberger, George Artz, Rick Hawkin, Jim Mueller,

Guests / New Members: Returning pilot Dave Egli.

Great Flights: Dave Egli had some good flights at Funston.

President’s Report (John Simpson): Discussed concern of new pilots flying the Fort and whether or not they are properly prepared and trained to fly the site. Mitch Shipley: Suggested Assisted Windy Cliff Launch (AWCL) and Restricted Landing Field (RLF) skills sign-off. Rick suggested having observers on site to assist with AWCL and RLF sign-off(s). It was suggested the Club offer a “New Pilot Workshop”

Vice President’s Report (Wayne Michelsen): Nothing to report.

Secretary’s Report (Chris Valley): August meeting minutes posted. No meeting in September, so no minutes posted.

Treasurer’s Report (Lisa Lesser): Steve Rodrigues: Discussed budget. Motion for increasing the clubhouse membership dues by $10 to $75 for a balanced budget. Motion passed. Based upon dues increase, we’ll have a balanced budget and those present voted in favor for the 2015-16 budget.

Clubhouse Officer’s Report (Rob Johnson): Clubhouse cleanup. Gliders in purgatory have been impounded and are in storage and will be held for 30 days - they will be held until November 1, 2016, then will be recycled. Hose reel installed and holders for brooms to help organize things. Discussed a redo of the glider racks (spacing and better support) and the cost associated. 15 members have not paid dues and are not current with stickers. Round of applause for Rob and his efforts.

Safety Officer’s Report (Chris Carrillo): Nothing to report.

Tech Officer’s Report (Chuck Kranz): Nothing to report.

Administrator Reports:
~ Tandem (Urs Kellenberger): Nothing to report.
~ Training Bowl (Mark Lilledahl): Nothing to report.

GGNRA Liaison Report (Steve Rodrigues): Permit needs to get renewed. Steve spoke with Park officials regarding status of permit and agreement with BAPA. The Club’s goal is to have a 5-year agreement moving forward.

Old Business: No old business.

New Business: See President’s Report. A motion was made and passed for a “New Pilot Workshop” committee consisting Mitch Shipley, Steve Rodrigues, John Simpson, Wayne Michelsen, Chris Valley, and Urs Kellenberger.

Meeting adjourned by 9:00 pm.
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