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February 3rd 2016 Fellow Feather’s Meeting Minutes

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:56 pm
by crvalley
February 3rd 2016 Fellow Feather’s Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: John Simpson, Wayne Michelsen, Chris Valley, George Artz, Tom Rust, Dave Kiesling, Charlie Nelson, Urs Kellenberger, Rick Hawkins, Mark Z

Guests / New Members: No guests or new members.

Great Flights: Great flights were had at Mission Ridge. John Simpson had a great flight and landed at the dumps - relaunched and had a good flight.

President’s Report (John Simpson): Nothing to report.

Vice President’s Report (Wayne Michelsen): Need to rebuild coffer due to contribution to USHPA.

Secretary’s Report (Chris Valley): January minutes posted. Nothing else to report.

Treasurer’s Report (Lisa Lesser): By text: $4000.00 check mailed to USHPA for RRG insurance donation.

Clubhouse Officer’s Report (Rob Johnson): By text: All applications have been processed and keys and stickers sent. Clubhouse lock has been changed. Sprayed anti-mold solution in the clubhouse and disinfectant to make it smell better. Addressed mice issue. All pilots need to stop leaving food and garbage in the clubhouse. If you pack it in - pack it out.

Safety Officer’s Report (Chris Carrillo): Nothing to report. Fly safe.

Tech Officer’s Report (Chuck Kranz): By email: Needs prior Tech Officer’s document(s) for changed passwords.

Administrator Reports:
~ Tandem (Urs Kellenberger): Nothing to report.
~ Training Bowl (Mark Lilledahl): Nothing to report. Rick Hawkins said training bowl now has a cliff.

GGNRA Liaison Report (Steve Rodrigues): Nothing to report.

Old Business: Discussion about site insurance. $4000 check mailed to USHPA for RRG insurance program.

New Business: Gliders in purgatory should be recycled - CRV will call various recyclers to see who can take what. Disassembly party proposed to be scheduled on a later date. We’re going to have a BBQ in spring - date to be determined.

Meeting adjourned...