May 2015 meeting minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

May 2015 meeting minutes

Postby Steve Rodrigues » Fri May 29, 2015 2:36 pm

May 2015 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes, by Secretary Tom White.

In attendance:

Rob Johnson, Chris Ellis, Kathy, Raffy, Chris Carillo, Charlie Nelson, Chris Valley, Urs Kellenberger, Dave Kiesling, Wayne Michelsen, George Artz, Tracey Story, Martin Palmaz, Julie Spiegler, Steve Rodrigues, Tom White.

Vice President Rob Johnson chaired the meeting in the absence of Ken Martin. Great job Rob!

Meeting was attended by special guests from USHPA Martin Palmaz, and Julie Spiegler. Martin reported that Jasper National Park in Canada was recently opened to HG and PG.

Clubhouse manager reported that there are 4 non-paying pilots who have gliders in the clubhouse. It was resolved to move their gliders up to the purgatory impound rack and offer the spaces to new members.

Safety officer reported a few new pilots launching unsafely, and some ridge rules not being observed. Suggestions were made to revisit site intro guidelines / resources. Chris volunteered to make a standardized intro / orientation checklist. There was talk of producing a video.

Discussion of class B airspace touched upon the very serious rule of no HG flight intrusion, and that violations will be met with severe penalties.

Secretary reported that the executive committee issued a 2 month suspension to a tandem pilot for violation of the 25’ rule.

Treasurer reported on corporate business, and made a motion to adopt new membership forms that would better allow voting privileges, motion seconded, passed.

Tech officer reported ongoing work on website, ,weather station, etc., and will look into password / fee possibility to access weather data.
Meeting adjourned
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