January 2015 Fellow Feathers Meeting

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

January 2015 Fellow Feathers Meeting

Postby tom white » Tue Jan 27, 2015 8:27 am


Steve Rodrigues, John Simpson, Rob Johnson, David Kiesling, Leo Jones, Charlie Nelson, Tracey Story, Chris Carrillo, Shawn Murphy, Tom Rust, Walter Whiteside, Jon James, Raffy, George Artz, Chris Ellis, Ken Martin, Tom White

President Ken Martin chaired meeting. Ken expressed the hope that in 2015 the board will be able to focus 100% of it’s attention to the business of running the club.

Vice President Rob Johnson reported that mail in renewals are proceeding well, 68 received so far, approximately 23 to go.

Discussion of moving away from walk in sticker issuance to new and renewing pilots, and toward a policy of online, or mail in applications. The need to improve website support of application process was noted. It was decided that 8 persons will be in possession of a small number of stickers to issue to walk in pilots. These will be Ken Martin, Rob Johnson, George Artz, Steve Rodrigues, Charlie Nelson, Tom White, John Simpson, Chris Carrillo.

It was noted that the windsock pole had come down in high winds, was damaged and in need of repair. (Subsequent work party on 1/17 addressed the pole, replaced it with new stronger one. The sock swivel / basket was found to be heavily rusted and near the end of it’s service life. A new one will be ordered by George Artz). Thanks to the gentlemen who spent the day on the project!

A site tour was also conducted to make a note of maintenance items necessary to the facilities.

Treasurer Steve Rodrigues reported on his correction of a long term auto payment situation involving phone bill, and credit issued to the club. Thanks Steve!

Tech Officer Chris Ellis reported that he now has passwords needed, and will be looking into logging into website, taking stock of the situation. Discussion of weather station proceeded, once it is known what, if any, parts were acquired for repair of old one, decision will be made regarding possible replacement / upgrade of of the equipment.

Secretary Tom White reported that he has been very busy with work, but shall endeavor to obtain re-roof bid for clubhouse by the end of the month.

Clubhouse Manager George Artz reported that the lock will be changed mid February. George will report on status of fire extinguisher(s) at the next months meeting. It was noted that a list of items to look into includes: repair / replacement of worn out racks / pads, mice abatement, auction / disposal of purgatory gliders, verification of number tags on all gliders, re- roof bid.

Safety Officer Chris Carrillo reported that as there has been little to no flying, there were no safety issues to report.

Ken reported on his and Steve’s attendance of recent B.A.P.A. meeting, and stated his intention to continue an ongoing dialog, and a cooperative relationship with the paraglider community.

Ken announced his goals for 2015 include site maintenance / improvement, such as possible replacement of some of the worst boards on observation deck, trash abatement, signage improvement, etc.

Ken announced acceptance of Training Bowl Director position by John Simpson, and the Tandem Administrator position by Urs Kellenberger.

Motion for granting of waiver of 10 hour rule for Steve Rodrigues was put forward, seconded, voted on by the members present, passed.

Meeting adjourned.
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