December 2014 Fellow Feathers Meeting

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

December 2014 Fellow Feathers Meeting

Postby tom white » Fri Dec 19, 2014 8:13 am


Raffy Lavin, Chris Ellis, Chris Carillo, Pat Denevan, Steve Morris, Brian Porter, George Artz, David Kiesling, Tom Low, Carmela Moreno, Karl Almandinger, Van Pelham, Chris Valley, Jim Mueller, Rob Johnson, Marc Seltzer, Chuck Kranz, Tom Rust, Lauren Pedrazzi, Wayne Michelsen, Tracey Story, Urs Kellenberger, John Simpson, John Taylor, Andrew Dolling, Tom White, Steve Rodrigues

Ken Martin chaired the meeting in the absence of Zac Majors.

Ken announced changes in sticker issuing policy. Due to problems with paperwork, confusion of funds, loss of stickers, etc., stickers will no longer be left in lock box. Pilots will be encouraged to obtain Funston sticker prior to arrival to fly at the site. Improvements will be made in online application process. New sticker forms convey to the applicant info on yearly cost to keep site open, and encourage generous donations.

Ken announced that clubhouse glider space issuance policy will also be changed, clear and consistent rules will be written regarding double space allocation, etc.

Ken reported on a meeting between himself, Tom White, and Dave Sondergeld, at which Mr. Sondergeld requested assistance from Fellow Feathers in changing Stables Launch use permit rules.

Ken donated leftover tee shirts from BBQ Fly in to be sold for the club, or given to tandem passengers.

Tech officer reported on going problems with weather station / wind talker equipment, and efforts to repair.

Ken thanked Van Pelham for his many years of service to the club as treasurer. Van will not run again for the position in 2015.

Ken also acknowledged the outstanding work done for the club over the years by GGNRA Liaison Steve Rodrigues.

Dave Kiesling presented the “Officer of the Year Award” to Zac Majors, in recognition of his leadership, dedication, and outstanding service to the club in 2014 as president. Thank you Zac! Unfortunately Zac was not present to receive the award, it will be hung in the clubhouse.

Ken announced that nominations will be accepted for election of officers for 2015. Discussion proceeded regarding voting member qualification, it was decided that voting rights will be afforded pilots who have paid the $65 membership, and have flown 10 hours at Funston in the preceding 12 months.

Nominations were made, accepted, and seconded as follows:
President: Ken Martin, Vice President: Rob Johnson, Secretary: Tom White, Treasurer: Steve Rodrigues, Safety Officer: Chris Carillo, Tech Officer: Chuck Kranz, and Chris Ellis, Clubhouse Manager: George Artz.

Ballots were circulated, counted, 2015 Officers were announced by Ken as follows:

President - Ken Martin

Vice President - Rob Johnson

Secretary - Tom White

Treasurer - Steve Rodrigues

Safety Officer - Chris Carillo

Tech Officer - Chris Ellis

Clubhouse Manager - George Artz

Meeting was adjourned
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