October 2014 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

October 2014 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Postby tom white » Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:44 am


Chuck Kranz, Urs Kellenberger, Urs A Kellenberger,
George Artz, Tom White, Steve Rodrigues, Rick Hawkins, Chris Valley, David Kiesling, Van Pelham, Walter Whiteside

Tom White chaired the meeting in the absence of Zac Majors, and Ken Martin. Ken was on call at hospital, and could not attend.

Steve reported that the 2015 SUP was signed by the GGNRA on a 1 year basis.

Steve reported that he obtained GGNRA confirmation that Fellow Feathers is responsible for the roof of the clubhouse, and will be responsible for cost of re - roofing when necessary. Club has saved $6000 so far since 2009 in reserve for re - roofing. Tom White will obtain an estimate from SF roofing contractor for cost of re - roof.
Steve painted over the grafiti on the east wall of the clubhouse - THANKS Steve!! Steve sent photo documentation to GGNRA.

Van and Steve reported on the club’s financial status, and submitted a motion to approve a budget for 2014 - 2015. Motion seconded, vote taken, passed unanimously.

The members were reminded that nominations for 2015 election of executive committee will take place at up coming November meeting. Office of Treasurer will be open as Van has announced that he will not run again. Fellow Feathers is hoping to elect a Treasurer who is willing to commit to at least 2 years.
Tech officer reported on maintenance and upgrades to website. 

Safety officer reported that a non injury crash resulted from a bad launch on 9/19/14. Several members complained about new pilots not observing ridge soaring rules. Tom White wants to encourage all pilots to read and know all rules. Suspensions will be issued to pilots failing to observe the rules.  A member suggested that new pilots be required to pass a test when issued a sticker.

Clubhouse Manager reported that there were 9 pilots issued glider spaces in 2014 that have not paid dues so far. 

Meeting adjourned.
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