September 2014 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

September 2014 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Postby tom white » Mon Sep 29, 2014 6:13 pm

In attendance:

Tom White, Steve Rodrigues, Chuck Kranz, George Artz, Van Pelham, Urs Kellenberger, Rob Johnson, David Kiesling, Rafael Lavin, Tracey Story, Mitch Shipley, Linda Salamone.

In the continued absence of Zac Majors, Vice President Ken Martin chaired the meeting as acting President.

Ken reported on a non member who engaged in flight activity in Funston airspace in violation of FAA 103 rules, there was a complaint filed with FAA which included 7 statements by eye witnesses.
FAA conducted an investigation, upon conclusion sent a letter to Ken stating that the FAA had talked with the pilot, and that they are confidant that there will not be repeat of the behavior.

Ken Martin is now a signee on the FF checking account.

Remaining tee shirts from the Fly In event have been donated to the club by Ken, to be sold for $15 / each, proceeds to go to the club. Thanks Ken!

Ken reported on meeting with GGNRA to discuss renewal of FF SUP, Steve Rodrigues, Tom White, and Ken Martin attended. It was announced that the SUP will be renewed for one year instead of the usual 5 years. During this coming year studies will be conducted of the needs of the club, as well as other park users, to determine a sound, long term SUP. The GGNRA may begin renewing the SUP for more than one year at a time in the future.

Ken reported that Wayne Michelson and Pat Denevan are now voting members.

Secretary reported on receiving complaints from pilots regarding incidents of smoking observed in the bushes. GGNRA announced last year that the bushes are off limits. Entering the bushes or using controlled substances at Fort Funston could have serious repercussions for Fellow Feathers including potentially causing our SUP to be cancelled. Any activity of this kind will be reported to Park Rangers / GGNRA Police.

Clubhouse MGR reported that there are 2 glider spaces now available.

Tech Officer reported that upgrades to website are proceeding, maintenance, etc.

Tandems were discussed, Tandem pilots are reminded that non compensation forms must be filled out completely, signed, and placed in green folder prior to every tandem flight. Failure to do so will result in suspensions.

Safety Officer reported on a parachute deployment in the Westlake gap related to high G wingovers which caused damage to battens, and induced a turn in the glider. Pilot landed without injury on old highway grade.

Ken reported that there has been a reduction in warnings / suspensions for 25’ rule violations, pilots have been landing more in the ice plant field, and avoiding problems. Pilots are reminded not to launch with non pilots in the launch window.

Treasurer gave an update on the club’s finances. A motion was made to approve the budget, seconded, passed.

It was brought up that there are ongoing problems with the lock box, and with improperly filled out forms, missing donations, etc. Executive committee appointed a committee to review sticker box / sticker issuing personal situation, and to make recommendations to board for policy reforms. Urs Kellenberger will chair the committee, Ken, Steve, Dave, Van, George will work with Urs.

Eric Mies Memorial BBQ was discussed, it was brought to the attention of membership that Tracey Story paid for the event out of her pocket, that all proceeds went to Eric Mies’s family. Thanks Tracey! Motion was put forth to reimburse Tracey in the amount of $150. Motion seconded, passed unanimously.

Tracey announced that she is setting up a website to raise funds through donations to help pay for fellow pilot Bob Shelton, who is battling cancer, to rejoin his family.

Website link:

Meeting was adjourned.
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