June 2013 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Minutes and Treasurer Reports from the Fellow Feathers monthly meetings.

June 2013 Fellow Feathers Meeting Minutes

Postby tom white » Mon Sep 23, 2013 4:26 pm

In attendance:
Tom White, Rob Johnson, Tracey Story, David Kiesling, Patrick Pannese, Chuck Kranz, Emily Hutchinson, Polina Vinogradova, Tim West, Tom Rust, Ward Carter, Steven Aire, Tom Low, Van Pelham, Brad Martin, Janica Lee, Armand Petersen, Larry Carpenter, Duane Cronleigh, Rick Hawkins, Jeff Bohl, Gene Foley, Charlie Nelson, Zac Majors, Steve Morris, Brian Porter, Steve Rodrigues, Raffy Lavin, Diev Hart, Chris Cornbill, Dave Royer, Kurt Schmidtz

Charlie reported an H2 pilot requested a spot in the clubhouse, vote was taken, passed.

Chuck Kranz proposed adoption of a motto to be added to our website: “To facilitate and promote hang gliding at Fort Funston.” Motion passed.

Patrick proposed adoption of Rules of Order for the monthly club meetings. After discussion of the proposal, and a general consensus among the membership was that civility could prevail, so the proposal was withdrawn for the time being.

Tom White read a statement to the membership reminding all of club Rules 2 and 5, which mandate courtesy both in the air, and on the ground, between pilots and spectators. It was pointed out that there have been increasing complaints by multiple pilots in recent months of hostile verbal attacks and harassment by club members on the ground, and even in the air. It was emphasized that our club is about having fun, and facilitating all HG pilots to enjoy the site. The executive committee made it clear that verbal and or physical abuse will be met with suspensions in future.

Dave reported on crash at Westlake caused by a stalled wingover, pilot threw his chute, ended up in the surf, was cut free and pulled out of the surf by Chris Cornbill who landed on the beach to rescue him. Several pedestrians assisted as well. A round of applause was extended to Chris for his selfless act. Pilot was ok, walked away from his destroyed glider and chute.

Zac reported 2 new tandem pilot’s gliders were inspected and the pilots and gliders were approved.

Steve gave an update on the sign project. Two signs/posts have been installed. Two were sent back for modifications.

Steve also reported that the GGNRA is pleased that Brad and Rick resolved their conflict in a gentlemanly fashion.

Tom White reminded the members of the 25’ rule & that pilots must fly straight and level and not exceed 30 mph in the launch window. A pilot present was notified that this is his second warning and future buzzing will be suspended.
A motion to modify the H2 sponsor rule was proposed, changing it from "All H-2 flights shall be supervised by a Sponsor approved by a majority of the Club members." to "All H-2 flights shall be supervised by a Sponsor approved by a majority of the Club members at a club meeting." Motion passed.

Dave brought up incidents of a H2 pilot being sponsored and encouraged to break current soaring & landing rules. A vote was taken by the members present whether to issue suspensions to all 4 pilots involved. The votes for the suspensions were not approved. Warnings were issued that any future violations will be met with suspensions. The club was reminded that voting on these 4 suspensions at a club meeting was a onetime exception. Any board member can suspend for up to 7 days without a hearing if they believe it is warranted.

A committee was formed to study possibility of re-instating sponsored H2 soaring and top landing.

The Dan Murphy BBQ was scheduled for August 17th.

Steve reported that a proposed agreement with BAPA is in the works.

Tom Rust proposed changing the bylaws to disqualify Funston pilots from being eligible to hold club office unless they have a minimum of 15 years HG experience, and 20 hours flying Funston the preceding year. It was pointed out that the procedures required to change a bylaw were not followed for this motion, so an official vote could not be taken. A show of hands was taken to view the interest of the members present. 6 were in favor of such a bylaw amendment, 17 were against it.

Meeting adjourned.
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